There are several options for care of your companions body after euthanasia.

Pet transport after the procedure is included with both private and communal cremation.

Pet Cremation Options

Deluxe Photo Urn for Ashes- Pets Remembered - In Home EuthanasiaPrivate  Cremation
With this option, your pet is cremated privately at Belspur Oaks Crematorium in Bradenton, FL.  All private cremations include a hand carved dark wood urn with an engraved brass floral inlay (upgrade photo urn shown) and several remembrance items. Remains are typically available within a week for pickup or can be delivered to your home for an additional fee.  Several upgradable urns, including pictured above, are available from Belspur. Please ask us about options.

Communal Cremation  Pets are cremated in a communal environment and ashes are scattered together. Also provided by Belspur Oaks.

Burial  Options

Home Burial
Make sure to check city and county codes in your area, as this is not permitted in all locations. We offer pet burial bags that are biodegradable, leakproof and safe for the environment.


Cemetary Marker- Pets Remembered - In Home EuthanasiaPet Cemetery
For some, this is the preferred option.  Please be aware that costs for this option may be considerable.  Contact Pets Remembered more information on companies that provide this service.